Liftsharing Scheme

Sharing a car to and from work is an amazing way to get to know your colleagues and be part of London Stansted Airport’s community. But there are many more great reasons to get involved with liftsharing – cutting the cost of travel, reducing your carbon footprint, and speeding up your commute (particularly if you’d be getting public transport otherwise).

Join the Liftsharing Scheme today

Our scheme makes liftsharing simple:

  • Sign up online, and we’ll match you with other employees who have similar commutes.

  • Get priority parking in the liftshare bays at Enterprise House – so you’re even closer to the office.

  • Enjoy rewards, discounts and special offers from local and national retailers.

  • Use the free emergency ride home service if you ever need it.

It’s quick and easy to join the liftsharing scheme. Just enter a few details and we’ll match you with other employees who have similar commutes – and with over 10,000 employees at London Stansted Airport, you’re bound to find somebody to share with! Click the button below to start your liftsharing journey today.


There are 50 designated bays in Enterprise House car park for members of the liftsharing scheme (one member must already be entitled to park in Enterprise House in order to gain entry).

All we ask is that you only park in the Liftshare bays on the days you actually share. Two individuals must be present in the car when entering and leaving the Liftshare bays.

For more information, phone 01279 663322 or collect a leaflet from the Stansted Commuter stands located in Enterprise House reception.

Our liftsharing scheme has changing special offers for registered users who have created a BUDi team. Sign in to your liftshare account for information on rewards on offer, including:

Vision Express
Various savings on spectacles, contact lens direct debits and eye examinations at Vision Express.

Tussauds Group
Save up to 45% at various theme parks from Tussauds Group. Includes Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and associated hotels.
Save up to 50% on entrance fees to Legoland venues and holidays, including Madame Tussauds, London Dungeons, Sea-Life, and Warwick Castle.
Save 20% on the Merlin Annual Pass (for use over 12 months across all attractions in the Tussauds Group), including Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, London Dungeons, Sea-Life, and Madame Tussauds. Includes 20% discount when shopping and dining at the attractions.

Giggling Squid
The Giggling Squid restaurant in Bishops Stortford is offering 20% for all staff when showing STN ID Pass for dine in.

For more information about discounts, please contact the Airport Commuter Centre on 01279 663322.

Drivers must be fully insured. Most motor insurance companies will cover you for carrying passengers on your journey to and from work at no increased cost. However, we suggest that you inform your insurance company that you intend to liftshare.

The driver should inform the other members of the liftsharing team as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be made.

An Emergency Ride Home facility is in place for Airport Liftsharers. A taxi will take you from your place of work to your doorstep in the case of an emergency.

To book this service please call Stansted Street Cars on 01279 211 111, provide them your name, company, destination, Liftshare membership and airport ID number, together with a brief reason for why the journey is needed and a taxi will be provided.

This facility is monitored; misuse will result in your Liftshare pool and account being removed from the scheme.

All liftshares are set up on a trial basis. If, after a few weeks, you feel you want to drop out or try sharing with another team, then just let us know.

If you move house, please let the Airport Commuter Centre know. If you would like to continue liftsharing, you can create a new journey search on the Stansted Liftshare website to find other members to share with.

If, for whatever reason, your circumstances change and affect your liftshare, please notify the Airport Commuter Centre and the members of your liftshare Budi team so that we can update your details on the database.

No, many people are happy to offer lifts in exchange for sharing the fuel costs. You can register your journey as ‘seeking a lift’ if you do not have a car.

Your member details are stored securely in our database, and other members can only see your intended travel information – not your personal details, such as your home address.

We recommend liftsharing members follow a few simple security measures to stay safe:

  • Avoid exchanging home addresses with your travelling companion before you meet them.

  • Arrange for your initial meeting on-site, within the terminal or Enterprise House.

  • Inform a friend or family member of who you will be travelling with, when you’ll be travelling, and details of your journey.

  • Make sure you see each other’s IDs – passports, student cards, or driving licences – to make sure you’re travelling with the right person.

Remember: You’re under no obligation to go ahead with any car-share arrangement. If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, for any reason, then you don’t have to travel with them.

We recommend you arrange a mutually convenient and safe location for both parties.

No, your email address is kept hidden and not shown to other members anywhere on the site. Messages are sent and received via the messaging centre on our website.

No, your email address is kept hidden and not shown to other members anywhere on the site. Messages are sent and received via the messaging centre on our website.

Thank you for registering with Stansted Airport Liftshare. As a Stansted Airport liftsharer you now have access to a number of benefits and special offers as well as the in-built benefits of reducing your fuel costs and playing a significant part in the aim of reducing emissions in the Stansted Airport area.

Below, you will find guidelines/terms of what you need to do, how the scheme works and how to make use of the special offers. Please read these through carefully because as a Stansted Airport liftsharer you will be required to follow them. Please contact the Airport Commuter Centre on 01279 663322 if you have any further queries. You should also watch out for any changes to the following which may be made from time to time.

  1. The Liftshare facility is only available for Stansted Airport employees who share a car journey to and from the designated Liftshare bays to perform their jobs at the airport.

  2. Liftshare parking bays are only to be used when members are Liftsharing with other members of their Budi team. There must always be 2 individuals present in the car when entering and leaving the Liftshare bays. If you are driving individually you should park in the normal car parking bays and not take up a Liftshare bay as you are denying other members of their benefits.

  3. Stansted Airport Liftsharers should inform the others in their Budi team of absence from work as soon as possible. This includes holidays, business trips, home working, illness and unforeseen circumstances. In these cases, the other members of the Budi team are required to make alternative arrangements for themselves.

  4. Stansted Airport Liftsharers are required to agree timings, routes, pick up and drop off points with all Budi team members and adhere to them.

  5. Drivers must have a valid certificate of motor insurance to ensure that they are properly insured for lift sharing activity. The certificate or a valid copy must be produced to the Airport Commuter Centre or members of the Budi team if they request to see it. Stansted Airport Limited will not be liable and/or responsible for any insurance issues, extra insurance charges (if any) or otherwise of members of the Budi team.

  6. The driver at any time is required to maintain his/her vehicle in a clean and roadworthy condition.

  7. Stansted Airport Liftsharers take part in the Liftsharing scheme and hence Liftshare at their own risk. Stansted Airport Limited cannot accept liability for any personal injury, damage or loss occurred whilst lift sharing.

  8. Members should inform the Airport Commuter Centre on 01279 663322 of changes to their home, vehicle or work details or changes in their circumstances. Please notify the Airport Commuter Centre of changes to your Budi team.

  9. The Airport Liftshare parking bays are only to be used when members are Liftsharing with other members of their Budi team. When using a bay, at least two membership cards must be displayed in the windscreen, one for each Liftshare member and there must always be 2 individuals present in the car when entering and leaving the bays.

  10. Stansted Airport Liftsharers will be responsible for their membership cards. These items are not transferable to any other person. The Airport Commuter Centre should be notified immediately on 01279 663322 of the loss or theft of membership cards.

  11. To obtain the special offers, please contact the Airport Commuter Centre. All Stansted Airport Liftshare discounts and other offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn without prior notice.

  12. Stansted Airport Limited do not and will not accept responsibility for availability or quality of items or services offered as Stansted Airport Liftshare special or other offers, including, without limitation, the Emergency Ride Home facility. Stansted Airport Liftsharer relationship will be direct to the relevant provider of the goods and/or services.

  13. In the event of an emergency, Stansted Airport Liftsharers may have access to a free taxi ride home. To access this service you should contact either the Airport Commuter Centre on 01279 663322 or Stansted Airport 24/7 Cars direct on 01279 661111, and quote your membership number. Within 48 hours [of using the service] your line manager should confirm in writing your need of this service. Use of the Emergency Ride Home facility will be monitored. [This service cannot be used if you have been notified in advance at the latest, the end of the previous day, that you will not be able to Liftshare home or if overtime has been scheduled in advance].

  14. For Data Protection purposes Stansted Airport Limited and their group companies will use the information you have provided to Stansted Airport Liftshare for the purposes of the scheme only. We or they may contact you by mail, internal telephone, or email about lift sharing opportunities or other information related to the scheme. By registering your information, you consent to the use of your information for the above purposes. If you have any queries, please contact Airport Commuter Centre on 01279 663322.

  15. If at any time, you believe or know that: the information is inaccurate or out of date; or we should no longer be holding that information; or we are using your information for a purpose of which you were unaware; or we may have passed inaccurate information about you to someone else; then please notify us at once, giving your reasons. We will then review the information and will where necessary amend your personal details accordingly.

To ensure the success of the scheme all Stansted Airport liftsharers should follow the above guidelines and terms provided. Any abuse of the scheme and the privileges offered may result in disqualification from the scheme.

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